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It all starts the moment shy, beautiful Felicity Porter (Keri Russell, Dead Man's Curve) asks Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) to sign her high school yearbook. It's graduation day...he's gorgeous...and she's had a four-year crush on him. Even though the two have never spoken, what he writes is so insightful, so perfect, it persuades Felicity to change the course of her future. A future defined by medical school and the dreams of her parents. She surreptitiously follows Ben to UNY (the fictional University of New York) and is quickly swept into a romantic triangle that brings both discovery and heartache. Felicity moved to New York to find romance but ends up finding herself. Written by Anonymous




大学生费莉希蒂 Felicity 的字幕 英文中文都行啊 除了第一季的不要

该剧一共4季,分别描写大学的四年生活,共84集。第一季分集介绍s1e01高中生Felicity在毕业典礼上鼓起勇气让自己暗恋了4年的同学Ben在自己的同学录留言,Ben写到曾经关注过Felicity,F为此很动心,为了B,F放弃了去斯坦福读医学,不顾大人反对,来到了纽约大学(父母为此不愿支付她的学费,她需要自己打工)。大学室友meghan是个哥特,每天见不着面儿,所幸的是遇到了宿舍管理员(相当于大学的辅导员)Noel,N对F可以说是一见钟情,还遇见了一个女孩儿Julie,她和F成为了好朋友。。。在学校中遇到了B,B见到F很是吃惊。。F发现B已经迅速又有了一段恋情,F向B表白,B感觉受宠若惊,但同时也被惊讶到了。F在学校打工,为了更了解B利用职务之便看了Ben的入学申请的论文。F对自己的学习什么以及将来做什么一片茫然,未来学习会怎样?她和Ben的关系会怎样?她和Noel会擦出什么火花?她与Julie会有什么事儿呢?下集继续~~s1e02Felicity得知有人打电话到教务处想要看她的入学申请的论文,她以为是Ben(因为她看了ben的,ben也知道了,她以为他也会想要了解她),因此她copy了一份寄给了Ben。然而,felicity的父母却来到了学校,原来想看她申请的是他们,因为他们想要搞清楚为什么felicity毅然决然地放弃斯坦福来到纽约大学,他们想要说服felicity从纽约大学退学,再去上斯坦福。Noel出主意,让felicity邀请她的父母参观她的宿舍,让他们了解她的生活,知道她生活的很好,可是事与愿违,计划没有成功。felicity向父母坦白,她来到纽约是为了ben,但留下来是为了自己,她想自己一个人生活,离开父母,成为与以前不一样的自己。她的话让felicity的母亲感到很受伤,felicity觉得自己和父母的关系screwed up了,但是随后她的父亲来找她,告诉她,他不能理解她,但他支持她,他会继续为她支付学费,Felicity很感动。在f父母即将要离开纽约回去的时候,f的母亲来到f宿舍去找她,她告诉felicity,她懂她,只是她不适应这么快离开女儿,也担心f太快的爱上追随那个男孩,因为她20岁生下了f,从此自己的理想目标都抛弃了,她不想f这样。最后f与父母和好,f继续留在纽约。s1e03宿舍要开一个派对,noel是主要负责人,noel一筹莫展,但有个女孩说她能搞定一切,她叫来了她的许多哥哥,搞定了。同时noel邀请felicity在party上和自己跳舞,f开心地答应了。f想要邀请ben去party,但是ben已经从julie口中得知了有个party,f不是很开心。Julie为了felicity一次次拒绝了ben的好感。felicity的舍友meghan提醒f,julie和ben很像情侣,他俩很来电。在party上,f看到b和j很亲昵,她很生气的说了j。j也爆发,说受够了不停地为了felicity考虑而忽略了自己感情。party上打碟的大叔不小心放了那错的f的磁带,磁带是f录下自己心事要发给自己好友的,里面f说到了无惧献身给ben,大家都听到了,f感到实在是很羞愧,离开了派对。b忘带钥匙被锁在了自己的宿舍外,他请求f让他在她宿舍睡一晚,不同的床。f同意了,她深情地看着ben熟睡的脸。同时,f去上自己一直崇拜的教授的化学课,却到处找不到教授指定的上课用书。因此在学业上不是很顺利。s1e04while playing a game of boggle in her room.felicity and Noel kiss.Meghan walks in on them,and quickly spreads juicy rumors.Felicity is upset when Elena(her new lab partner) believes that she is sleeping with Noel.Felicity accepts a maybe date with Noel.Just as she is begining to realize her feelings for him,she reveals that he has a girlfriend in chicago.Felicity tells him off and storms out of the restaurant.Noel apologizes and explains his situation,Julie tells Ben she only wants to be friends.She meets zach,a freshman film student who earns the nickname pink guy.after a laundry mishap.Julie upsets zach with her critical comments about his movie,Ben tries out for his track team.When he fails to make it ,Ben unaware that felicity attenfed his try_out tries to save face by telling her that he simply didnt have time to be part of the team.s1e05En route to a study date,ben and Felicity are robbed at gunpoint in his loft.Ben has trouble sleeping,and begins hanging out with Felicity in the middle of the night.They are draw closer by the experience,as he confides in her about his abusive father.They decide to dress as Frankenstein and Frankenstein' wife for a halloween party at the loft.Ben forgets their costume plans,and completely ignores felicity at the party.She tells him off and accuses him of pushing her away because he felt awkward after sharing such personal recollections with her He says that he is tried of having to live up to her expectations.He later apologizes and gives her a necklace to replace the one stolen during the robbery.Jullie and Zach bond during a Halloween showing of the exorsist.Julie feels akward after zack kisses her,but later decides to begin seeing him.Elena sleeps with blair ,a guy she met at the party.Felicity takes a job at Dean & Deluca,a coffee shop.s1e06Felicity believes that she and Ben are growing closer.Ben asks her to proofread his English paper and hand it in.She rewrites it in the hopes of helping him to get a better grade.The professor becomes suspicious and accuses Ben of cheating.Felicity confessed her actions to Ben.He is not only furious,but hurt that she seems to believe that he is stupid .He stubbonly refuses to allow her to turn herself in.Ben tried to learn the material in the paper before facing the hearing in front of the faculty members.He eventually admits that he didnt write the paper.The professor saves Felicity and Ben from expulsion,but they both fail the assignment.(Fecility had got an A,and Ben's original paper would have recieved a B) Julie prepares to see solaris with zach.She rents a copy beforehand because she is afraid that she will not understand the film.Blair constantly asks Elena for a date,while she dismisses their night together as a one night stand.s1e07Ben gives the Felicity the cold shoulder after the cheating incident.She whines about the situation to Noel,who becomes very uncomfortable.He seeks advice from his fellow resident advisors,pretending that it is one of his advisees who is in this predicament.They recommend that he bar felicity from discussing Ben with him.Noel shares his dicision with Felicity,but ends up with leaving her hurt and angry.He repeatedly tries to rectify the situation,only to make things worse.The other resident adivisors tell him just to be a friend to Felicity for the time being,as there is no chance that he will ever date Felicity unless they maintain their friendship.Blair learns that elena may have to leave school.She would not open up to him,so he persuades Felicity to look in her file.They discover that Elena is experiencing financial problems,but discover a schoolarship that will end all her worries.She angrily refusses because the schoolarship recipient must be african american which makes her feel being despiced.She blames it on Felicity.Noel talks to Elena,telling her that he is never embarrassed about having financial problems on tuition which he also has experienced before.Elena finds it not humiliated at all to seek helps from others.She says thank you to Felicity and they are cool again.第二季中,Felicity从与Ben分手的痛苦中恢复后,改变了发型,也对生活有了新的认识。随后她将专业从医学转为艺术,同时Felicity也在校园的社交生活中找回了自己。本季继续讲述小小的抉择如何改变人生。。。第三季中,Felicity一时冲动决定和Ben同住一间公寓,这间小屋成了两人冲突的来源。。。